Regulatory Banking Law

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FIN LAW advises and represents banks, payment institutions, financial service providers and e-money institutions within the business-permitting-process in accordance with the German Banking Act (KWG) or the German Payment Services Supervision Act (ZAG) as well as during the continuous supervision by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). The advisory services include the creation and compiling of all documents that are necessary from a regulatory point of view as well as the adjustment of existing documents in the case that the legal framework or the client’s business model changes. FIN LAW also assists clients with the creation and adjustment of internal compliance manuals such as anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) guidelines.

FIN LAW’s clients include banks and financial service providers as well as Fintech companies with innovative business models. Fintech startups need comprehensive regulatory consulting services right from the very beginning in order to be able to comply with the regulatory laws. FIN LAW excels in the consulting of fintech startups due to its advisory experience and legal qualifications. 

Specialising in Crypto Assets and Blockchain

FIN LAW specializes in the consulting concerning banking supervisory law in relation to crypto assets, cryptocurrencies as well as the implementation of innovative technologies such as blockchain or tangle in businesses of the financial sector. During the startup phase a comprehensive analysis of the banking supervisory needs for the project or business is essential to all further decisions regarding the practical implementation of the business plan.

Furthermore, FIN LAW also advises existing financial service institutions that would like to include cryptocurrencies into their business model. In this regard, FIN LAW assists in order to avoid all the regulatory pitfalls that may occur with the commercial handling of crypto assets.

Aside from the financial industry FIN LAW also advises companies wanting to take advantage of the blockchain technology or crypto assets on the implementation of those technologies into their existing business.

Specialising in Crypto Assets and Blockchain

Fintech businesses in general and startups in particular are dependent on a top-class professional consultation that is efficient and comprehensive at the same time when it comes to regulatory banking laws. FIN LAW helps Fintech companies to find the regulatory solutions that are most suitable for the business model. This may include an adjustment of the business plan so that a permit is no longer needed, a whitelabel solution with a licensed partner or the application for a BaFin permit for the startup.

 FIN LAW gives Fintech startups the opportunity to base the company on a proper regulatory framework at early stage.