Fintech Law Firm with strong focus on blockchain, DLT and innovative finance technologies

FIN LAW is a fintech law firm with specialization in banking and capital markets regulatory law. The law firm’s main focus of practice lies on the implementation of business models on basis of or with reference to innovative technologies such as the blockchain technology or crypto assets. FIN LAW offers the legal planning of fintech business models, the preparation of BaFin licensing applications as well as legal representation in BaFin licensing proceedings. Furthermore, FIN LAW offers legal advice for companies that are interested in capital market funding through corporate bonds or the public offering of other asset investments. The advisory services include classical capital market issues as well as innovative funding options such as Security Token Offerings (STO) and the tokenisation of assets.


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Regulatory Banking Law

Capital Markets

Ligitation Representation


Application for bafin license, crypto custody and crypto assets

FIN LAW’s advisory offer regarding BaFin applications comprises an extensive legal assessment of the business model of the client for determination of his regulatory needs and required BaFin authorization as well as a comprehensive advisory on alternative designs of the planned business model for a regulatory optimisation. FIN LAW advises clients therefore both in the early stage of planning and preparing as well as in the licensing proceeding with BaFin.

Innovative funding with security token, Crypto Securities or other tokenized investment assets

The possibilities of tokenization reveal especially in the capital market and offer to capital-seeking companies a future-orientated and innovative form of funding via the capital markets. Today, numerous investment products can be fully tokenized and the infrastructure of the international capital markets more and more adopts the new technical possibilities. FIN LAW is the right law firm to contact for the legal advisory on tokenized capital market issuances and assists clients with the creation of token terms, terms of token sale as well as with drawing up required securities prospectuses, securities information sheets and any further relevant documentation. Of course, FIN LAW also represents its clients vis-à-vis BaFin in proceedings for approvl of required securities prospectuses or securities information sheets.

Specializing in banking and capital markets law

Moreover, FIN LAW offers legal counselling as well as judicial and extrajudicial representation in all other fields of banking and capital markets law. Next to that FIN LAW excels in the preparation of legal opinions in all fields of banking and capital markets law for companies, liquidators, associations and authorities.