Fintech law firm for bafin licensing, security token offerings and blockchain projects

FIN LAW advises banks, financial service providers and mid-size companies on the legal implementation of innovative technologies such as DLT or Blockchain technology into their financial businesses. FinTech startups with disruptive business models are also among FIN LAW’s clients. FIN LAW’s advisory services include four fundamental fields of law:

Regulatory Banking Law

FIN LAW offers advisory services in all matters regarding the necessity of a BaFin permit for the client’s business idea as well as legal representation towards BaFin or any other competent authorities if such permission is necessary for the business. In addition, FIN LAW advises BaFin regulated and permitted businesses and institutions in all matters relating to regulatory banking issues, be it a project or a single specific legal question.

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Capital Markets Law

Capital market funding is a viable tool to fund a specific project or startup as well as to expand an existing business. Contrary to classic bank loans capital market funding has the advantage that no collaterals have to be provided to the bank beforehand and investors might even be loyal customers at the same time and therefore create synergetic effects for the company or project because of their own financial involvement. FIN LAW counsels and advises clients to help them choose the financial instrument that is most suitable for their needs and accompanies them with legal advice and representation to the highest of professional standards on every step of the way through the issuing process.

That specifically means that FIN LAW will, if necessary, assist the client to compile and create a prospectus in accordance to the German Securities Prospectus Act (Wertpapierprospektgesetz, Vermögensanlagengesetz) and all and any additionally required documentation. Furthermore, FIN LAW will represent its clients vis-à-vis BaFin in the subsequent approval procedure.

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Litigation Representation

FIN LAW advises and represents its clients in civil proceedings related (but not limited) to banking or securities law, extra judicially and judicially in the district courts, the provincial and provincial high courts in the whole federal territory of the FRG. In addition to that FIN LAW represents its clients also in administrative courts in matters that relate to regulatory banking law, if a solution could not be found within the administrative procedures with the competent authority.

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Legal Opinions

Businesses, authorities, associations and liquidators need legal opinions prior to the start of projects or simply to avoid legal pitfalls for the company or themselves in the future. FIN LAW provides the creation of legal opinions connected to banking or securities law to the highest of professional standards for the most discriminating clients.

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