June 05, 2024

Attorney Anja von Rosenstiel, LL.M., M.A. Joins FIN LAW as Of Counsel in Banking, Securities and Financial Services Law and Corporate Law.


The FIN LAW team continues to grow and welcomes Anja von Rosenstiel, LL.M. (Boston University), M.A. (Viadrina) as of Counsel to the team. Anja von Rosenstiel, LL.M. (Boston University), M.A. (Viadrina) will advise our clients on the interface between American, European and German banking, securities and financial services law as well as on corporate law issues. In addition, she will support our domestic and international clients in the area of national and European crypto-regulation as well as in obtaining BaFin licenses under the regulatory regimes of MiCAR, KWG and WpIG.

Attorney Anja von Rosenstiel, LL.M. (Boston University), M.A. (Viadrina) has many years of consulting experience in the areas of crypto-regulation, licensing and compliance in derivatives and securities trading as well as in the drafting of general terms and conditions for financial service providers. In addition, Anja von Rosenstiel, LL.M. (Boston University), M.A. (Viadrina) teaches as an Attorney-at-Law (MA) and Lecturer of Law at Boston University Law School. She is also a Research Fellow at the US-based Decentralization Research Center. Her work focuses on corporate law issues in the use of distributed ledger technologies in corporations and foundations in general and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (“DAO”) in particular. Not only for these reasons, but also because of her reliable and solution-oriented way of working and her pleasant demeanor, we are proud and happy that Anja von Rosenstiel will support our law firm in the future.

We are very much looking forward to working with Anja and are sure that our clients will benefit from her extensive expertise.