May 17, 2022

FIN LAW Successfully Advises DLT Finance on BaFin Authorization as Financial Institution

The trading entity of our client DLT Finance Holding AG, DLT Subsidiary AG has been approved by BaFin as financial institution pursuant to section 15 subsection1 WpIG. From now on, DLT Finance is fully enabled to provide a broad spectrum of services in the crypto markets in addition to the crypto custody services offered by the group’s company DLT Custody GmbH, such as crypto trading and crypto brokerage, borrow/lending, crypto custody and crypto management as well as realization of tokenization projects for customers. DLT Subsidiary AG obtained from BaFin the authorization to provide the following investment services:

  • Financial commission business (section 2 subsection 2 no. 1 WpIG)
  • Issuance business (section 2 subsection 2 no. 2 WpIG)
  • Investment brokerage (section 2 subsection 2 no. 3 WpIG)
  • Investment advisory (section 2 subsection 2 no. 4 WpIG)
  • Contract brokerage (section 2 subsection 2 no. 5 WpIG)
  • Placing business (section 2 subsection 2 no. 8 WpIG)
  • Financial portfolio management (section 2 subsection 2 no. 9 WpIG)
  • Proprietary trading through market making (section 2 subsection 2 no. 10a WpIG) and
  • Proprietary trading as a service to others (section 2 subsection 2 no. 10c WpIG)

Founding partner Lutz Auffenberg, LL.M. represented DLT Subsidiary AG in the BaFin proceedings. FIN LAW sincerely congratulates DLT Finance on the acquisition of the authorization.